Action Planning

A climate change action plan describes short to long term strategy, including strategic goal, operational targets and specific measures, to reduce GHG emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change at your local level. It should be based on your own realities and consider the most pressing challenges.  


Prepare a rough plan to take specific actions towards mitigation and adaptation to climate change in your city.


  1. Define strategic goal and operational targets for each relevant sector (government and community sectors) – Template 1.A and 1.B 
  1. Assess mitigation and adaptation policies and measures for government / and community operations – Template 2.A and 2.B

Based on previous tasks, now you should:  

  1. identify actions to manage greenhouse gas emissions from government operations / and community – Template 3.A – and identify actions to respond to priority climate impacts – Template 3.B


  • Markers, cards, boards, brown-paper
  • Printouts (templates as described above), or prepared in a virtual whiteboard


Involve as many stakeholders as possible to get different perspectives from the sectors. This exercise is also recommended when different cities are participating, so they can get mutual inspiration. 


60 to 180 minutes


Understanding of the VIA tool, potentials and limitation and applicability in your local context.


ICA – Integrated Climate Action Planning, PAKLIM 2010 

Several as seen in additional slides after templates