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Let’s start and transform your city sustainably! But how?

For advisors

You are supporting a city to become more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable? Define what is needed in your case and select the City WORKS steps and tools that help to achieve your goals.

Explore the full range of City WORKS tools. They can be adapted to your needs and used in different settings, such as workshops or focus groups. Use them online or download the material.

For cities

City WORKS can help you to gain a better understanding of global agendas and of your city’s contribution to them.
Raise Awareness

Do you want to see where your city currently stands in light of global agendas?
Understand Current Situation

Do you plan a certain project or want to define a new vision for your city? Then link them to global agendas!
Identify Measures and Prioritise Measures

Do you want to keep track of what you are already doing and see how your city is contributing to global agendas?
Keep Track of Progress