Tool Library

The City WORKS Tool Library is a database of over 300 resources from a wide range of organisations and institutions. The database is compiled in form of an excel file that lists a vast range of tools such as relevant publications, guidance documents, useful links, websites and stand-alone tools in the context of localising global agendas.

The City WORKS Tool Library functions as an inventory of relevant resources for development practitioners (such as advisors, urban planners, consultants) who accompany local governments in connecting local action to global agendas. It is conceived as a living document and shall be updated on a regular basis.

How to use the Tool Library

In the excel file, you will find the following sheets:

  • Sheet 01: All Resources
    • All resources compiled so far that are relevant to the steps and topics covered by City WORKS.
  • Sheet 02: Main Resources
    • Tools and resources recommended to be directly integrated into the application process of City WORKS.
  • Sheet 03: Reference Resources
    • Additional resources, tools, and examples recommended to reference on the City WORKS website.
  • Sheet 04: GIZ Resources
    • GIZ specific resources relevant to City WORKS (tools, guidance documents etc.)

In order to help narrowing the search, the tools and resources listed can be filtered by clicking on the arrow besides each category, and then selecting filter categories.

Download the Tool Library