The following questions and steps help you to adequately prepare for a transformation process with City WORKS.

Key questions along this process:

  • At which level do you want to apply City WORKS – national, subnational, local, multi-level, multi-municipality?

  • What main outcomes are expected by partners?

  • Which stakeholders should be involved and how?

  • Which capacities do partners and stakeholders have and what needs to be improved?

  • How can leadership and commitment from partners and key stakeholders be guaranteed for the application process?

  • What (national/local) policies, plans and processes are relevant for the localisation of global agendas?

  • Which ongoing or planned activities could be directly or indirectly supported by City WORKS?

  • Which overall resources are available (project, partners) for the application process?

  • What external support is needed (consultants, process moderators etc.)?

Step 1: Define mode of application

Goal: Decide which steps to take and tools to use.

In order to tailor City WORKS to your needs and to define the mode of application, it is necessary to collect relevant information upfront and answer the key questions mentioned above.

Helpful tools:

After having defined the mode of application, select your preferred City WORKS tools along the different phases and steps of the application process.

Use the Selection template.    

Step 2: Operationalize and steer the application process

Goal: Plan and manage activities.

In this phase, you can draft an operational plan for your overall application process of City WORKS, including available resources and deadlines. It may be helpful to periodically review the plan and adjust it if needed.  

Use the Operational Plan Template.

Step 3: Knowledge sharing, communication and upscaling

Goal: Systematise the results and learnings, prepare communication products and decide on follow-up activities.

After or in-between the phases of the application process, different activities and products can be developed: e.g. webinars and debriefing meetings, production of picture reports, videos etc. Have a look at our Stories of Success and get inspired!