Relevant Plans, Policies and Processes


Gain a general understanding and overview of existing plans, policies and processes at national and local level.


Step 1: Think and discuss in a small group about the following questions:

National Level

  • What are the processes at the national level regarding the global agendas?
  • Which national coordination structures have been set up to implement and monitor global agendas?
  • Who is responsible for these processes?
  • What are current challenges?

 Local Level

  • What are the relevant processes at the local level (planning, service provision, budgeting, community participation, etc.)?
  • Who is responsible for these processes?
  • What are current challenges?


  • How are the relevant actors to be involved in the implementation and monitoring of the 2030 Agenda and/or other global agendas?


  • Which political priorities guide action in your partner country/region? Has the national level prioritised the objectives of the 2030 Agenda in your specific context?


  • What are the main topics regarding the following frameworks?
  1. 2030 Agenda and SDGs
  2. Climate change mitigation and/or adaptation
  3. Sendai Framework / Disaster Risk Reduction
  4. National Urban Policy


Step 2: Summarise and visualise the results of the discussion and collect existing documents from national and local entities that relate to relevant plans and policies.



This set of questions will help you to identify and understand relevant national and local processes and to get an overview of present plans and policies. To get the full picture, it is also important to analyse the mandates and enabling conditions for action at city-level.


2 to 4 hours


Summarised results and overview of relevant plans and policies