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Global Agendas

…and their relevance to cities and communities

Global agendas are important orientations and set directions and goals on a large scale. However, the key to success is reaching and implementing these goals on the ground. This puts cities and local actors in the spotlight. ​

Imagine you are a municipal official and your goal is to align activities in your city with global agendas. Where to start? You want to ensure a cost-effective and coherent way to identify, plan and implement related action. So, before you commit time and resources, and mobilise political backing, you need to understand what the agendas are about.​

City WORKS takes five agendas into account which help to make cities more resilient and liveable: ​

The Concept Study: Linking Urban Action with Global Agendas shows examples of how urban development actions (UDA) can contribute to implementing various agenda targets. It assesses the UDAs’ potential impact and trade-offs with regards to global agendas and what interlinkages and co-benefits can arise.