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What can you do with City WORKS?

What does City WORKS offer?

Translation of global agendas to the local level

Explanations, references and information on global agendas and their relevance for cities

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Process guide

Guided step-by-step navigation through targeted tools and questions to design a tailor-made process.

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Tool Library

Templates, weblinks and references to additional tools and information

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Stories of Success

  • Supporting the integration of SDGs in local planning and service delivery


    Nepalese urban areas have been marked by considerable administrative changes over the past years. Sixteen selected municipalities in provinces of Nepal City used the City WORKS approach and drew several lessons.

  • Aligning local development plans with the SDGs


    In Palestine, three cities put their local planning tools to the test and assessed them against the SDGs. They adapted the City WORKS approach and tools to make them more responsive to their needs and context.

  • Empowering urban planners to address the SDGs


    In a series of workshops, local government employees in Egypt received training on the relevance of the 2030 Agenda for their local needs and for urban planning. They learned how to develop and monitor urban measures that address the SDGs.

  • Increasing the visibility of subnational contributions to the SDGs


    The goal in Ghana was to set up an adequate monitoring system at the regional level that contributes to national SDG reporting. So, what data already exists? And what kind of data is really suitable for (local) SDG reporting?

  • Shaping a sustainable vision for Sebkha


    The mayor of Sebkha, a sub-community of Nouakchott, is striving for projects that benefit his citizens and simultaneously contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Have a look at how City WORKS tools helped him in this regard.

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