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Raise Awareness

Implementing global agendas at the local level will benefit a city’s inhabitants and foster sustainable urban development. It may also help to attract new partners or possible donors. However, the first step is to raise awareness among your main stakeholders and show them the role municipalities play in implementing global agendas. Let them see how the city vision and local realities and needs are intertwined with national and global goals.

So, get to know the global agendas and find out how they are directly connected to the city level. Start by exploring which global goals can be found in your city – it’s easy and fun!

Selected Resources


Ensure a basic understanding of the various global agendas and their interconnections with cities’ priorities and visions

Guiding Questions

  • Which global agendas are most relevant to the key stakeholders?
  • What is the level of knowledge and awareness regarding global agendas?
  • To what extent are key stakeholders aware of their specific contribution to global agendas?