Collect Information

Before starting a localisation process, it is important to collect relevant information and reflect on your current needs and goals as advisor as well as those of your partners and especially the city in question. This will help you to identify entry points for addressing global agendas and to define relevant stakeholders that should be involved in the process.

It needs at least one dedicated person or “process moderator” who oversees and regularly stirs the localisation process, keeping an eye on progress made and periodically communicating with all relevant stakeholders to keep them actively involved along the different steps.


Collect the relevant information that is needed to define the scope of the localisation process.

Guiding Questions

  • At which level do you want to apply City WORKS – national, subnational, local, multi-level, multi-municipality?
  • Which stakeholders should be involved and how?
  • Which needs, capacities and mandates do partners and stakeholders have and what needs to be improved?
  • Which (national/local) policies, plans and processes are relevant for the localisation of global agendas?
  • What are the enabling conditions within the national (and local) context that define the scope for action of your city?