Concept Mapping – SDGs and Climate Goals


Understand connection and interdependencies of SDGs and climate goals


Step 1: List here the most relevant global climate goals for your city

Step 2: List here the most relevant global SDG goals for your city

Step 3: Analyse how these two sets of goals relate to each other (synergies and trade-offs)

  • Can certain measures contribute to the achievement of both goals?
  • How can measures be improved to contribute to SDGs without increasing emissions?
  • Try to draw a concept map, in which you connect the climate goal to the SDGs and vice versa.

Step 4: Explore NDC – SDG Connections with the tool „NDC-SDG Connection“

  • You can look at connections on a global scale, but also specifically to your country context.
  • What does this tool tell you?

Step 5: Look in detail into the connections for SDG 11.

Discuss the concept of co-benefit in regard to climate actions. How could this help you to prioritize actions?


Exercise can be done with paper and pen tools or also virtually using an online whiteboard (such as miro or mural).


This does not have to be city specific, but a country-wide perspective is also possible.

The use of this tool assumes a good understanding of the climate change aspects as well as the SDGs.


45 – 90 minutes


Concept map that can be city specific