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Meta-tool: EU Framework and toolboxes

The European Commission has a strong experience working together with cities to ensure a good quality of life. Support for cities to grow sustainably is given through sharing of knowledge, funding, and other urban policies and initiatives. Beyond the overall framework for cities and urban development, there is also the urban data platform approach, Urbact, the reference framework fo sustainable cities, the processes from the committee, council and coalition, as well as the Sustainable Cities Platform and the Joint Program Urban Europe. 


present an overview of the various initiatives at European level, in order to inspire and cross-fertilize between other existing initiatives.


This meta-tool compiles the different European approaches  

  • EU – Cities and Urban Development – Overall framework 
  • Urban Data Platform Plus  
  • The Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities 
  • Committee, Council, Coalition  
  • Sustainable Cities Platform 
  • JPI Urban Europe

You are invited to go through the slides and respective references for the different approaches, and get inspired and encouraged to transfer the different ideas to your own context 



variable 0,5 to 2 hours


Ideas for tools and approaches in your own context


Several listed