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Tools and Resources – Engaging Stakeholders and Enabling Participation

There are several resources and toolboxes to support the implementation of local policies in an integrated and participatory way. In the provided compilation, you will find selected tools and references from UN Habitat, Urbact, the Institute of Development Studies, C40 and Wageningen University. 


Getting acquainted with a variety of tools / resources for urban practitioners and advisors: – to facilitate participatory processes – to identify the relevant stakeholders for projects – to get different stakeholders involved in the project – to build a collaborative and sustainable group of stakeholders – to conduct lively and exciting seminars – online and offline


Take a look at the different resources and tools, the associated working materials, and explanatory videos. First get an overview and then brainstorm which tools are particularly promising with your participants and/or stakeholders. Also think about possible specific cases of use, and be open to new methods. 


The list of tools / resources is non-exhaustive – recommendations and suggestions are welcome.


1 to 3 hours


Ideas for using specific participatory / stakeholder engagement methods in your city context.


Several as listed in materials.