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Supporting Activity

Advocate for and communicate about local action

In these activities you will learn to promote ownership of different processes, connecting with the community but also with the national and subnational levels. They are also about making use of proper formats and channels to communicate with different target groups. One pillar builds upon tools for internal communication and advocacy aiming to inform and interact with municipal staff and elected officials, but also with higher levels of governance (subnational/national). Another pillar relates to tools for external communication and advocacy, targeting municipal means of communication and informing the public. Moreover, initiating a broad-based dialogue and systematically engaging partners and other stakeholders is key for a successful localisation process, focusing on actions and events, but also on interactive tools.

Selected Resources


Developing an advocacy and communication strategy for different stakeholders and target groups.

Guiding Questions

  • Which steps are necessary to create ownership for the localisation process among key stakeholders (bottom-up and top-down)?
  • What is the current level of understanding of the localisation process among relevant target groups? What are the corresponding communication needs?
  • Which channels and formats (internal / external) are most suitable to reach and engage the different stakeholders?