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Financing readiness

Identifying and securing sources of financing for projects is the most critical aspect of bringing those projects to fulfilment.  To improve the readiness for assessing finance, it is crucial to understand local challenges and opportunities regarding different categories.


enhance cities readiness for financing, and therefore be better positioned to identify and secure financing for their municipal projects.


  • You can first get acquainted in general with the categories to be assessed
    • Political Environment
    • Regulatory Environment
    • Legal Framework
    • Revenue streams
    • Financial Modelling and Technical Expertise
    • Bidding / Procurement Processes
  • The next step is about answering the different questions along each of the categories
  • And finally, you can list one or more call to action for your city for each of the questions
  • Not all questions need to be part of the assessment; if questions are not relevant, feel free to leave them out.



The focus of the factsheet is on waste projects, but questionnaire is quite universal and has been just slightly adapted. Based on the Financing Readiness Questionnaire, one of the many tools and resources available on the Waste Initiative’s Municipal Solid Waste Knowledge Platform.


variable, around 2 hours


Financing readiness assessment of projects along several categories / specific questions