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Climate Change Support Program (Toolkit)

This resource hub aims to provide stakeholders with valuable information and practical tools for addressing climate change at the local level in South Africa. However, most of the tools and materials provided can be used anywhere. It has been curated as part of the Local Government Climate Change Support Program (LGCCSP), a collaboration between the Department of Environmental Affairs and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. The LGCCSP has developed a range of tools to support stakeholders in their efforts to respond to climate change.

In addition to providing an overview and introduction on how to integrate climate change into urban planning processes, it also provides stakeholders with
– step-by-step processes for conducting climate change vulnerability assessments
– A step-by-step process for engaging stakeholders in the CC planning process.
– Templates for response plans
– etc.

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The Lets Respond Toolkit provides stakeholders with an introduction and overview on how to integrate climate change into municipal planning processes

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South Africa

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Department of Environmental Affairs (SA) and the GIZ