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Exploring Climate Finance for Cities

This publication / tool consists of two products. The first product entails insights about the organizations that collaborated and made the event possible, along with several selected publications/ knowledge materials produced by them, and by several other relevant actors in the field. There is really a great amount of information available, and we have tried to put some of it together in this overview. The second product focuses on the details of the event itself, information about the experts who joined in, the learnings of each day as well as the key recommendations. We hope it is interesting and valuable not only for the participating cities, but also for others.

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Identify good practice examples from the region that can be shared with other cities as well as knowledge products already available to be shared and conveyed to cities; Provide peer-to-peer advisory services for selected cities in a conducive and creative workshop environment and with that, support ideation and preparing/planning of specific projects/an action plan for implementation; and Initiate a practice-oriented learning that includes different exchange and learning formats and seeks to strengthen capacities of urban practitioners (including the introduction and collaboration within the connective city community).


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Connective Cities & Transformation – Urban Opportunities – Climate Change / Working Group SNGA and TUEWAS