Needs Assessment Questionnaire on Global Agendas

In order to identify the most effective way to increase awareness and understanding of global agendas among your key stakeholders, you need to assess their demands and level of knowledge first. Distribute this questionnaire to your partners and key stakeholders and ask them to fill it in. Based on their answers planning the City WORKS application is easier and more efficient.



Understand the current needs and level of knowledge of key stakeholders in regard to global agendas.


Step 1: Download the questionnaire and adapt it according to your needs, if necessary.

Step 2: Decide on the format of collecting answers (email, print-out, online form).

Step 3: Send the questionnaire to selected participants (decided previously, list of name and functions), including an official letter and deadline for return.

Step 4: Collect all results and summarise the main findings.


The set of questions can be used to get an overview of the current needs and level of understanding of the direct target group (e.g. participants of a given workshop). Feel free to adapt, remove, or include other questions. Plan enough time for getting participants’ feedback and analysing it.


1 to 3 weeks


Summarised results of all answers