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Buzz Groups

Your target group is already familiar with the SDGs, so it is time to brainstorm ideas. The SDG targets offer good entry points to identify fields of urban action. Distribute cards with selected targets among your participants and let them discuss in small groups which SDG target might be achievable in your city and how.


Understanding SDG targets’ relevance at the local level by listing ideas for measures to achieve them and possible challenges to be encountered.


Step 1: Randomly form buzz groups of 2 to 4 participants.

Step 2: Distribute 3 SDG targets per group and invite them to think and talk about the following questions:

  • What measures can be implemented at the local level to achieve the given target?
  • What are possible challenges that could be faced?

Step 3: While harvesting the outcome with the whole group, try to discuss possible ways to overcome the presented challenges.



  • Suitable for smaller groups
  • Targets can be included, excluded or grouped in categories (social, economic, environmental)
  • The exercise could also be used to discuss the local relevance of goals and targets from other global agendas


30 minutes to 1 hour


Brainstorming of measures to implement selected targets.