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City Profile

To start a transformational process, it is important to establish a baseline and first gather information on your city. This information helps you to gain a holistic picture of the circumstances that shape the current development of your city. Start the questionnaire and collect information and data regarding the main characteristics of your city. This analysis is a crucial first step to detect existing needs and identify possible areas for action.


Gaining a structured overview of the main characteristics of your city.


  • Download the table from the materials section below and fill in the relevant information.
  • Decide what type of information you deem relevant (add additional ones or leave others out).
  • If desired, you could also relate the content from the profile to the targets from the global agendas.




  • If used during a workshop, the sheet should ideally be sent to participants in advance so that they can collect the required data accordingly. You can then either let participants fill out the profile in advance or let them do the exercise during the workshop.
  • If it is not possible to send the file in advance, enough time should be given to participants for their research and to fill in the necessary information.
  • If different cities are participating in your workshop, the profile can be used to present each city to the group so that everyone gets a good overview of the attending cities’ main characteristics. In this case, decide whether all cities should have the same categories or if they are allowed to use different ones.

Other City Profiling tools:


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City profile