Rapid Assessment of Main Priorities (Dots and Wheels)

You want to quickly prioritise SDGs that seem relevant to your city? If you have a workshop with stakeholders from various backgrounds who are already familiar with the SDGs, this exercise is a good start for discussions and further analyses. Stakeholders already have a great knowledge of their city and gaps and needs, so let them discuss which topic they want to prioritise.


Prioritise goals and collect main issues for development in your city with different stakeholders.


  • Prepare a printed poster (A3) at a pinboard
  • Distribute dots (2 to 4) to each participant / alternatively ask participants to use markers
  • If not known to participants or previously explained before (e.g. through pair matching game), briefly state what which SDG stands for
  • Ask participants to prioritise the three most relevant SDGs for their city and discuss the results with the whole group.


Poster / Dots / Pinboard


  • The exercise can also be used to discuss and prioritise goals of the other global agendas if wished. Choose the goals of the chosen agenda from the poster collection and print them in a fitting format. Then carry out the steps described above.
  • You can also use this exercise to gather further information, e.g. by collecting concrete measures or challenges according to prioritised goals instead of using dots.


30 minutes to 1 hour


Quick overview of relevant issues and topics in the city.