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Recommended Online Training Platforms

The ability of urban practitioners to understand complex urban problems and design solutions to resolve them, while leaving no one and no place behind, is essential for the successful localisation of global agendas. Thus, capacity building on an individual level is key to fostering integrated and resilient urban development and governance. In this tool you will find a non-exhaustive compilation of online training platforms for urban practitioners, planners and policy makers.  


Providing an overview of different in-person or online self-paced courses for capacity development of urban practitioners.


Self-paced online courses offer a flexible form of continuing education. Take a look at the compilation of various platforms and offerings with your colleagues and consider which courses address knowledge gaps that might be relevant for your field of action. 


As this list is non-exhaustive, additional hints are welcome. 


The courses last from a few hours to two to three hours a week, over a period of 4 to 6 weeks.


Overview of the wide range of courses offered by various platforms.


Various, as listed in compilation.