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Initial Survey – Municipal Sustainability Management

This assessment is based on a tool developed by ICLEI called QuickCheck N. As a self-assessment tool for cities, municipalities and counties with more than 5,000 inhabitants, it has been structured to give municipalities an initial impression of the strengths and weaknesses of their municipal sustainability management. The core of the tool is a questionnaire consisting of multiple-choice questions.


initial stock-taking of the existing municipal sustainability management of your city in order to improve the management processes.


  • The check surveys the quality of the preconditions for successful sustainability management on site, asks about processes, practices and instruments by means of which sustainable development is promoted in the respective municipality.
  • The evaluation takes place through comparisons and links between the answers
  • This provides the municipality with information about the relevance and the interaction of the elements of its municipal sustainability management.
  • The feedback received from the tool can thus be used to optimize and further develop municipal sustainability management on site. (Source: QuickCheckN)



The original German tool includes a login area and the possibility to compare the results with other municipalities and to output text and graphic within the web application.


Around 15 minutes for the questionnaire, discussion and deep-diver questions can follow


Assessment of municipal sustainability management