Review local plans and policies

You want to understand from a strategic as well as sectoral perspective what your city is already doing to achieve the global goals? Then have a look at already existing instruments and development plans and analyse their interlinkages with global agendas. Find out how they relate to the global goals and what could be done to make the linkage even stronger.


Review current plans and policies to identify already existing contributions to global agendas.


There are three options to review your city’s current plans and activities: a rapid assessment, a detailed version referring to the SDGs, and thirdly, an analysis for several global agendas.
No matter which option you are going to apply, use the following guiding questions for the analysis:

  • Does the plan/action/project contribute positively to the achievement of the SDGs? If so, to which one(s)?
  • Does it contribute negatively? If yes, to which SDGs?
  • Does the measure contribute positively or negatively to the mitigation of climate change?
  • Does the measure contribute positively or negatively to the adaptation to climate change?
  • Does the measure contribute positively or negatively to disaster risk reduction?
  • Does the measure contribute to the commitments of the New Urban Agenda?
  • Can the measure be adapted/improved in light of the 2030 Agenda principles (leave no one behind, shared responsibilities, accountability, integrated approach, universality)?
  • Can synergies be maximised and trade-offs be avoided? If so, how?

If your city would like to undergo a more detailed review and analysis of current policies and local development plans in light of global agendas in order to identify areas for improvement and alignment, apply the following steps:

Step 1: Together with your city officials, decide on which strategic and sectoral plans, by-laws, processes, and/or initiatives are relevant in this context and shall be reviewed.

Step 2: Collect information about the departments and/or persons responsible in each case as well as the available documents and other references.

Step 3: Review the documents by looking concretely on their respective goals and measures, and list how they relate to the global agendas.

Step 4: Develop ideas for improving the analysed plans, goals and measures of your city to enhance the linkages and alignment to the global goals.


Template 1: Rapid assessment of the alignment of existing plans, strategies and/or policies to the SDGs

Template 2: Detailed assessment of the alignment of existing plans, strategies, and/or policies with the SDGs

Template 3: Analysis for several agendas


The templates need to be adapted to conform to the policy areas/sectors from the chosen plans that will be analysed, such as national development plans and priorities, subnational development plans, or sectoral plans. All relevant SDG targets being analysed should be included in the templates as well.


1 – 2 hours


Matrix with visualised results