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Meta-tool: Identifying measures across different analytical/logical frames

Everything a city is doing, or everything that is happening in the city has to do with the global agendas, and there are different mechanisms that a city can use to take action: managing and governing, planning and developing, building and retrofitting, funding and promoting economic development, engaging multi-stakeholders and co-creating.  



Presenting an overview of different analytical/logical frames to help cities brainstorm/ identify local actions.


There are different approaches a municipality can take to identify specific (sets of) actions and measures that help them implement the sustainable development goals, goals of local mitigation and adaptation, and goals related to local disaster risk management. Some are:  

  • Measures from existing policies and plans  
  • Actions needed to tackle critical targets from SDG-self-assessment  
  • Brainstorming the spatialisation of challenges and opportunities 
  • Define activities based on levels of control / governance roles / types of instruments 
  • Ideas concerning the fields of action from the Concept Study 

The idea of this meta-tool is to compile the different approaches that might help, within the City WORKS process, to identify specific measures for local implementation of global agendas.  

All of them have advantages and disadvantages, and each process/ each city needs to identify which framework/logic(s) will make more sense to them, depending on the local needs.   


Presentation and templates


Depending on the focus you have selected for your city (SDGs, climate or resilience), some other tools are also recommended. In any case, several other qualitative tools are available which are not mentioned here. 


variable 0,5 to 2 hours


A list of measures (or bundle of measures).