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Assessing Project Bankability

In order for your project to be considered for funding by external institutions (that is, for it to be “bankable”), it will usually have to meet a certain set of criteria, related to how it has been structured (e.g. the institutions that are behind it), and to its impact (e.g. how exactly it will trigger social, economic and/or environmental benefits). More and more such criteria have converged amongst the different financing institutions, and encompass a series of elements associated with Resilient Recovery.

If you have gone through City WORKS tools such as “Impact Check”, and “Feasibility Check”, it is likely you will have already fulfilled most of these criteria.


Preliminary assessment as to whether the proposed project(s) meet minimum requirements in terms of bankability.


Step 1: Collectively define what projects – either identified in previous phases of City WORKS or from a different prioritization process – will be assessed*.

Step 2: Depending on number of selected projects, discuss different projects in groups following the criteria listed in the “Bankability Assessment” table provided.

Step 3: Analyse what the main gaps are that are yet to be filled and how such gaps can be covered. Please note that City WORKS tools such as “Impact Check” and “Feasibility Check” might be helpful in that regard.


*There is no recommended minimum or maximum number of projects to be assessed, but it is suggested that only projects that are likely to be funded (either their feasibility studies or actual implementation) in the near future are evaluated.


1 hour (per project)


Preliminary bankability assessment that can be used when sending project proposal for external funding