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Feasibility Check

Prioritising areas for action can be difficult. There are different issues at play when trying to choose a certain project over others in an informed, transparent and accountable decision-making process. Among other aspects, it is important to have a good understanding about the feasibility, practicability, risks and opportunities of selected measures.

Thus, although the following exercise can be quite complex and time demanding, it should also involve the understanding of different stakeholders. However, some simple steps might help gain a good understanding of different aspects that are relevant when trying to evaluate and prioritise projects


Simplified feasibility assessment of potential measures that helps further prioritisation.


Use the template provided below and assess whether potential measures or projects previously identified to foster local implementation of global goals have low, medium or high feasibility according to different categories (political, financial, environmental, and technical feasibility and national priorities).


If desired, you can add further criteria to the analysis, such as effectiveness, efficiency (cost-benefits, flexibility in case of uncertainty), and availability of co-benefits or absence of trade-offs/conflicts.


1 – 2 hours


Overview of feasibility of potential measures