Posters and slides on global agendas

The global agendas can be very abstract and might not be easy to grasp. Make it easier for your partners, workshop participants or stakeholders to understand the content of the global agendas. Hold a presentation or explain and discuss them in a poster session. Below you can download available drafts of posters and slides.


Explain key messages about the global agendas and their relevance for cities.



  • Based on the demands and needs of your target group, decide if the content of presentation will focus on general knowledge or should include more detailed information. You can then put together a set of descriptions from the slides and poster collection and, if wished, complement it with videos from the video collection.
  • Depending on the level of knowledge of your target group, additional information and examples can be added.
  • A 30 minutes presentations is recommended.
  • In a workshop setting, it is also possible to split participants into groups which each work on different agendas according to participants’ interests. Afterwards, the results of the group discussions should be harvested and presented to the whole group.


30 min to 1 hour


Fostering a general understanding of urban relevant global agendas