Picture Collection: Spot the agenda

Images say more than a thousand words. Global agendas might be abstract and seem to be far away, but spotting issues addressed by them in regular urban situations makes it easier for your target group to relate to them and understand their direct interference with daily life. You can either use images from the City WORKS materials or use photos of common situations in your own city, e.g. made by participants.


Use pictures to connect urban situations to global agendas.


By using different pictures, the aim of the presentation is to visually show how nearly all challenges at the local level are related to global agendas.

Step 1: Decide about the setting (for smaller groups it is recommended to use print outs – ideally in A3; for bigger groups it may be advisable to either split them into small groups and let them discuss along printed images or show a digital image via screen to everyone).

Step 2: Prepare question: What agenda/SDG do you spot in this image?

Step 3: Let participants discuss among each other and present the results of the findings to the whole group.


Picture collection, prepare slides or coloured prints (A4 or A3) of selected images.


The exercise can be done in a rather superficial manner by just quickly going over the images and collecting some answers from participants. Yet, you could also let participants go into more detail by offering cards for writing down the specific agenda/SDG and pin it on a meta board in the correct place of the image.


15 to 30 minutes


Understanding of global agendas in day-to-day urban situations.


The copyright to the images can be found on the slides.