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Video Collection

The global agendas can be very abstract and might not be easy to grasp. Make it easier for your partners, workshop participants or stakeholders to understand the content of the global agendas by showing them selected videos and explainers.


Using videos to explain the key messages about the global agendas.



  • Depending on the level of knowledge of your target group, videos containing more detailed information can be selected.
  • You can also combine videos with more descriptive formats such as slides or posters from the slides and poster collection.
  • If internet connection is an issue, it is recommendable to save or download the videos on your personal device in advance.
  • If working with several small groups, each group can watch specific videos about one agenda and afterwards explain to the other groups what they have just learned. This helps participants to familiarise themselves with the global agendas.


30 min to 1 hour


Fostering a general understanding of urban relevant global agendas