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Supporting Activity

Manage information and knowledge and promote innovation

Here you will be dealing with activities related to knowledge and information management and the stimulation of innovation, which is key for transformative urban processes. Information management is about collecting, managing and distributing relevant information. When information is processed and structured, i.e. when people refine information into something useful, then knowledge is created. Innovation on the other hand focuses on capturing, acquiring, managing and diffusing knowledge with the goal to create new knowledge. Therefore, these activities are intrinsically linked with each other, but they are also very much connected to the activities listed above.

Selected Resources


Understanding and improving knowledge and information systems as well as innovation approaches dealing with urban processes.

Guiding Questions

  • How is data/information collection, storage and sharing currently organised in your city? What challenges and opportunities exist?
  • How is knowledge currently being created, shared, diffused?
  • Which innovative, collaborative and agile approaches can inspire and motivate others?