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Supporting Activity

Strengthen capacities and facilitate learning and networking

These activities invite you to have a look at the capacity development needs of relevant stakeholders to ensure the sustainable integration of measures into ongoing processes and enhance skills and procedures. You can start by analysing how certain capacities can be built and strengthened in regard to individuals’ competencies, organisational and network development, and system and institutional development. Think also about how to use different channels and formats for multiplying the findings and for promoting horizontal and vertical learning opportunities.

Selected Resources


Strengthening capacities of relevant stakeholders throughout individual, organisational, network and institutional levels.

Guiding Questions

  • What capacity needs exist among relevant stakeholders and at different levels (individual, organisational, network and institutional)?
  • How can these capacities be strengthened? Which formats and tools are available (e.g. training programmes)?
  • Which formats for promoting peer-to-peer learning and for institutionalising networks are successful and applicable (e.g. community of practice)?