Butterfly of Capacity Development

Various stakeholders and institutions have to be involved for an effective local implementation of global agendas. As they cooperate and interact in different ways, it is necessary to identify their needs for capacity development in order to adequately plan for sustainable action.


Identify the capacity development needs of key target groups at different levels.


Define the measures to support capacities of identified stakeholders in all four relevant dimensions (cf. template of capacity development butterfly):

  • Human resource development: Knowledge, skills, access to information of individuals that enable them to perform effectively.
  • Organisational development: Management structures, processes and procedures for effective functioning.
  • System/institutional development: Legal frameworks and the rules and conditions of work, which enable organisations, institutions and individuals to effectively perform.
  • Cooperation and network development: Well-functioning interactions between organisations, institutions and individuals



The exercise should be performed first and foremost regarding the capacity needs of direct partners that are responsible for the localisation of global agendas.


1-2 hours


Butterfly diagramme