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Action Learning: Logical Framework

You have identified several project ideas for your city with relevance to global agendas. Together with the “Thirsty Donkey”, this interactive exercise aims at fostering a better understanding of the logical framework among your partners and helping them differentiate between the different levels of a results chain in relation to global goals.



Understanding how different projects that are related to global agendas can be categorised within the logical framework.


  1. Use the projects ideas identified previously that should contribute to the achievement of global goals in your city.
  2. If this hasn’t already been done, let your workshop participants develop an intervention logic/results chain in working groups with the help of the template from the download section below (one results chain for each project).
  3. Write down separately the key words and the corresponding global goals on different cards (one card per category and per goal), mix them and randomly distribute the key words among the working groups. Place the global goals on a pin board.
  4. Each team should now collect all the cards relevant to their project from the other teams. Let them walk through the room and discuss among themselves to stimulate interaction.
  5. The teams should then order the key words according to the five levels of the intervention logic and finally allocate them on the pin board according to the corresponding global goals.


Logical Framework Template

Cards, pin boards, markers/pens


Suitable for workshop settings with 2 to 6 groups.


0.5 – 2 hours


Structured logical framework of exemplary projects along with understanding of results chain.