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Keep Track of Progress

For effectively implementing transformative measures in your city, it is essential to also review and monitor their progress and impact. Not only does this allow for adjustments, if needed, it will also help you to better demonstrate what you are actually (already) doing for the achievement of global agendas – both to national and international partners as well as to your city’s inhabitants.

The tools from this step will thus help you to align existing monitoring systems with global targets and indicators and/or to set up effective monitoring and evaluation processes, ideally linked to national review mechanisms.

Selected Resources


Review of existing monitoring systems or establish new mechanisms to contribute to national and global agenda monitoring and reporting.

Guiding Questions

  • How can your city keep track of progress and measure its contributions to global agendas?
  • How can your city connect local-level indicators to national and global indicators?
  • What kind of data is really useful for monitoring and reporting progress in regard to global agendas?
  • What are good practices for setting up local review mechanisms?