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Define the Process

After collecting the relevant information and gaining an overall understanding of the context, you are now invited to formulate the main goals for the localisation process (and any supporting activities). Against the background of these goals, you decide which City WORKS steps and tools may be best to use in your case.

Use the Selection Template.

Afterwards, it is time to plan for relevant activities that steer the localisation process in more detail. Prepare an operational plan for the overall process (including resources and deadlines) and follow this plan within the proposed timeframe.  It may be helpful to periodically review the plan and adjust it as required.

Use the Operational Plan Template.

Activities you could include in the operational plan:

  • Define the programme based on the evaluation mentioned above
  • Define date and settings (more than one date, virtual meetings, etc.)
  • Decide if workshops should be part of the process – if yes, build workshop management team
  • Define and invite participants (and use the questionnaire for the needs assessment)
  • Define moderation/facilitation and input-providers (and brief them in detail on what is expected)
  • Organise venue, accommodation, catering, etc.
  • Prepare all materials

Additionally, you should also aim to systematise the results and findings from the localisation process, prepare communication products and decide on follow-up activities. After or in-between the different City WORKS phases, different activities can be carried out and products developed: e.g. webinars and debriefing meetings, production of graphic or written reports, videos etc.


Plan relevant activities and resources that are needed to operationalise and steer the localisation process.

Guiding Questions

  • What are the main outcomes expected by partners?
  • Which ongoing or planned activities could be directly or indirectly supported by City WORKS?
  • Which steps and tools do you need for the localisation process?
  • Which overall resources are available (project, partners) for the localisation process?
  • What external support is needed (consultants, process moderators etc.)?
  • What is the overall timeframe for the localisation process?